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Tracing the Tracks///SolidarityUNLIMITED
29 Okt, 2020 -
13 Nov, 2020
Brandon LaBelle DE/NO, t s Beall US/GB, Mikkelt Bolt (DK), Lars Henningsen & Grete Aagaard (DK) and Brett Bloom (US)

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Tracing the Tracks///

Åbning: 29. okt. kl. 16 - 18
Herefter tors. - fre. kl. 14 - 17 t.o.m. 13. nov. 2020
Studsgade 46 Aarhus C DK

Thursday October 29th 2020 rum46 open part 4 of the text and exhibition series Tracing The Tracks.
During the exhibition period you will see contributions from Brandon LaBelle DE/NO, t s Beall US/GB, Mikkelt Bolt (DK), Lars Henningsen & Grete Aagaard (DK) and Brett Bloom (US). We look forward to presenting video works, posters and text productions  - all reflecting in a current perspective on the theme of SolidarityUNLIMITED?  - a project rum46 carried out in 2004 -2007.
  TRACING THE TRACKS marks rum46’s 25th anniversary as an exhibition space with a series of exhibitions during 2020. On the basis of five previous rum46 projects we are providing a thematic inspiration and historical guided framework for 25 contributors divided into 5 exhibitions - we have now reached the fouth in this series.
  All are welcome and we look forward to seeing you Best regards, rum46

TRACING THE TRACKS takes it’s starting point in our archive of long-term exhibition projects. Here we find themes that we think are still relevant today - and therefore important to debate, comment and reflect in a forward-looking perspective.

rum46’s history and archive contains a long list of social and political engaged thematic exhibition projects where themes like hospitality, solidarity, democracy, alternative economies, working conditions, how we communicate in public space and imagined futures have been on the agenda over the years. Together with curator Agnieszka Wolodzko (PL) we also ask artists and writers who have participated in some of our earlier projects- and new artists and writers to trace tracks from rum46's archive and history.

We will look back to move forward - into the new decade.

TRACING THE TRACKS is supported by the Danish Arts foundation and Aarhus Municipality.


Room for Improved Futures
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